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Roger Waters doubts legitimacy of White Helmets: “Have you ever seen anything so obviously scripted?”

on August 31, 2018, 6:00pm

Roger Waters is back at it again. The ever-political singer-songwriter has turned his watchful gaze on The White Helmets, a volunteer rescue organization that operates in parts of rebel-controlled Syria and in Turkey, in addition to the ensuing censorship of content by corporations through social media networks like Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

In an interview with Russia Today, he meditated on the authenticity of the White Helmets, arguing that “if that body exists and they go and help people after either Assad or the Russians or somebody else that’s dropped bombs on them, then I support them wholeheartedly with every fibre of my being, but all the evidence points to the fact that that is not the reality.”

He went on to criticize Orlando von Einsiedel’s Academy Award-winning short form documentary, 2016’s The White Helmets, saying: “Did you see the documentary that won the Oscar? I mean, have you ever seen anything so obviously scripted? And carefully shot?”

This is not the first time Waters has railed against the White Helmets. During a 2017 concert in Barcelona, Waters called them a “fake organization” that provides propaganda for “jihadists and terrorists.”

On the topic of social media, Waters detailed the dangers of corporate involvement: “Now Facebook and Google and YouTube are the way that most people get their news. And they use social media in order to educate themselves or find out what’s going on. But the content is being censored by the corporations that own them. So it won’t be free – I mean, it’s not free now.”

Waters’ full interview will air on RT’s next episode of SophieCo. During a previously appearance on RT in 2017, Waters lauded Russian President Vladimir Putin and discussed his feud with Radiohead over the band’s decision to play a concert in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The ex-Pink Floyd frontman is still out touring behind last year’s Is This the Life We Really Want? via his blockbuster “Us + Them Tour”.