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Jordan Peele shares first teaser trailer for The Twilight Zone: Watch

on September 20, 2018, 11:24am

Jordan Peele doesn’t sleep, and we’re fine with that. Last year, it was reported that the Academy Award-winning screenwriter was bringing back Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone for a hotly debated third reboot over at CBS All Access.

Today, Peele has officially switched on the hype machine for the new series with a snazzy teaser trailer. Die-hard fans will revel at hearing Serling’s iconic narration mutate into Peele’s own voice — at least this writer got chills. Watch below and start speculating for what’s to come.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, production on The Twilight Zone will begin this fall for a 2019 premiere. In addition to producing the reboot, Peele will serve as both its narrator and host.

“Rod Serling was an uncompromising visionary who not only shed light on social issues of his time, but prophesied issues of ours,” says Peele. “I’m honored to carry on his legacy to a new generation of audiences as the gatekeeper of The Twilight Zone.”

The Twilight Zone initially ran on CBS from 1959 and 1964. Since then, several reboots have followed to myriad success, from the troubled 1983 anthology film, to the 1985-1989 revival, and more recently to the maligned reboot in the aughts.

Bottom line: Peele has his work cut out for him.

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