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New teaser for House of Cards confirms Frank Underwood’s fate: Watch

on September 05, 2018, 1:28pm

For a while, it was unclear if Netflix’s hit House of Cards would ever see a proper ending at all. After all, it was a series built around Frank Underwood, a man who schemed and lied and abused his way to the top of his industry, played by Kevin Spacey, an actor who did the exact same thing.

To give loyal fans a sense of closure despite the inevitable and immediate removal of Spacey from the show’s cast, Netflix delayed the production and announced an eight-episode final season built around Robin Wright’s ascendant President Claire Underwood. However, one of the lingering questions in advance of its release has been the way in which the story would handle Frank’s sudden departure. It’s not as though Spacey could’ve been brought around for a continuity-minded cameo, so while the fifth season ended with Claire pulling the ultimate power play and taking America for herself, there would certainly be a vacuum to fill.

Or, to seal as quickly and decisively as possible, if this new clip Netflix released on Twitter is any indication:

Yep, Frank Underwood is no more, buried next to his father and fated to be entirely forgotten. As Claire puts it herself, the people will line up for her now, both in life and in death.

The sixth and final season of House of Cards will premiere on Netflix on November 2nd.