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David Gordon Green’s Halloween coming to IMAX on Friday

on October 23, 2018, 7:28pm

Over the weekend, David Gordon Green’s Halloween slaughtered the box office, earning 90 million dollars worldwide from fans and horror hounds that were all too overjoyed to see the return of Michael Myers.

In fact, they were so thrilled that they immediately demanded the horror reboot/sequel slash its way into IMAX theaters. Naturally, with the ultra-lucrative Halloween weekend looming up ahead, the company relented:

It’s only for a week, which makes sense given that Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, giving IMAX plenty of time to reap the benefits from all those Halloweenies looking for more tricks and treats.

Speaking of Halloweenies, check out the latest episode of our Michael Myers podcast, where the hosts finally get their hands on this pumpkin to carve out in all its nasty glory.

Stream below.

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