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Green Day’s Tré Cool releases new EP from Icelandic death metal side-project Dead Mermaids: Stream

on October 05, 2018, 5:20pm

Johnny Rotten’s favorite band, Green Day, have spent the last few months holed up in the studio, rehearsing some of their seminal albums in full. While this has led to speculation of an impending Green Day tour, today’s announcement from drummer Tré Cool has nothing to do with Dookie — or Green Day, for that matter. Rather, Cool has revived his “Icelandic death metal” side-project, Dead Mermaids, for the release of a new EP.

The origins of Cool’s side-project actually date back to 2014; that year brought the release of the group’s self-titled debut EP. Now, four years later, Dead Mermaids have a new five-song EP called You’re Welcome.

Performing under the pseudonym “Bjorn Roarkson,” Cool not only brings his signature sense of chaos to the drums with Dead Mermaids, he’s also the band’s lead singer. He’s joined by guitarist Magnus “The Halibut” Magnusson, bassist “The Silver Fish” Grimsson, and Njal “The Wolf” Njallson on backup vocals.

Dead Mermaids’ brand is definitely on the satirical side, with suitably-over-the-top tracks like “Kill Eat Shit Repeat” that definitely clock more like Deathklok or Tenacious D songs than more earnest metal efforts. Still, it’s an entertaining listen, in keeping with Cool’s ubiquitous sense of theatricality.

Stream Dead Mermaid’s’ You’re Welcome on Spotify below.

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