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Journey cassette mistaken for bomb, causes evacuation of a building

on October 30, 2018, 6:42pm

Cassette tapes are coming back with a bang — just not the kind you’re hoping for. Especially if you’re a Journey fan.

According to local station CBS 17, a bomb squad in Charlotte, North Carolina evacuated the Duke Energy Building after it received a “suspicious package” in the mail room. Officials were called in to investigate the package – a small manila envelope mailed from out of state – evacuating the building in the process. K-9 units were called in, roads shut down, and the bomb squad came in to check out the package.

What did it contain? Just a cassette tape of everyone’s favorite prog-rock prognosticators, Journey. (Presumably, authorities stood down, then scrambled to find the nearest tape player.)

It’s wonderful that no one was under threat of physical harm, but one has to wonder which Journey album it was. Journey? Evolution? Next? Let’s just hope it wasn’t 1996’s Trial by Fire – that’s a bomb of an entirely different pedigree.

Watch a news report from CBS 17 below.