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Troye Sivan performs Boy Erased song “Revelation” on Ellen: Watch

on October 30, 2018, 11:32am

Troye Sivan stopped by Ellen on Tuesday to perform “Revelation”, his contribution to Joel Edgerton’s upcoming drama Boy Erased. Much like his live debut of the song earlier this month, the Australian pop wunderkind’s stage setup was kept to a minimum, with Sivan singing in front of a stark, colored backdrop and accompanied by just four string players.

Despite the lack of theatrics, the performance was steeped in poignancy, reflecting not only the song itself, but also the Boy Erased scene that helped inspire Sivan and collaborator Jónsi. Sivan elaborated during a recent show in New York City:

“I got together with Jónsi of Sigur Rós and Leland. Joel showed us a scene from the movie, and I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s this one moment of relief in the film,” he said. “It’s this one really sweet, tender moment where Jared does something that I would consider pure and beautiful and normal and romantic. He has that experience and the sky doesn’t fall down on him. The world doesn’t come crashing down, and it’s a ‘revelation’ to him. That person that he was with is a revolution to him, and it was just so inspiring. So, we started with these lyrics of ‘you’re a revelation, you’re a revolution’.”

Watch the Ellen performance below:

Elsewhere in the episode, the Bloom star also played a game of “Stuff Your Granny Panties” with fellow Boy Erased cast mates Nicole Kidman and Lucas Hedges; peep that segment below. The film opens in theaters on November 2nd.