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Axl Rose takes Trump to the jungle for playing Guns N’ Roses

on November 04, 2018, 4:07pm

Donald Trump’s having a tough time in pop culture. Over the last month alone, he’s been mocked by Will Ferrell, shunned by Taylor Swift, “cuckolded” by T.I., roasted by Tim Heidecker, bludgeoned by GWAR, and ghosted by Kanye West. That’s all without mentioning the multiple cease and desist letters he’s received from both Prince’s estate and Pharrell, making his obnoxious rallies that much more difficult to soundtrack.

Well, now he can officially skip over Guns N’ Roses, too. Early Sunday morning, frontman Axl Rose, who has been incredibly vocal about his disdain for Trump in the past (especially over his former bromance with Yeezy), went off on his Twitter account, lambasting our Commander in Chief for using his hit song “Sweet Child O’ Mine” at a rally he held on Friday and shedding light on the “loopholes” the “shitbags” use.

Here’s the full thread:

Ahem, welcome to the jungle, Mr. Trump.