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Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye and Joe Lally debut new band at Washington, DC benefit concert

on November 12, 2018, 3:21pm

As we reported last week, Fugazi members Ian MacKaye and Joe Lally have reconvened to form a new band. The as-yet-untitled outfit, which is rounded out by McKaye’s wife, Amy Farina of The Evens (of which MacKaye is also a member), made its live debut last night, November 11th, during a food bank benefit concert in Washington, DC. While no video/audio footage has surfaced, the show provided a few key takeaways regarding the group and the possibility of new music.

In a post accompanying an image of the trio (above), photographer Mike Maguire called the group a “new local @dischordrecords band.” Dischord Records, the label founded by MacKaye and fellow Minor Threat bandmate Jeff Nelson, also posted some professional photos to its Instagram account. Speaking to Consequence of Sound, Maguire noted “all songs [played] were new originals,” so signs seem to indicate that MacKaye’s new band will someday officially release new music via Dischord.

Those in attendance at St. Stephen And The Incarnation Church have described the new band as a hybrid of Fugazi and The Evens. “I think it was a cool mix of what we love about their affiliated bands,” one concertgoer wrote on Instagram, “had the intricacies of evens, but now that J is providing some nice baz melody, it allowed for the semi angular guitar parts on that infamous white SG.” Another fan called their set a “killer punk show,” while someone else highlighted the group’s “very bass-driven” aesthetic.

As for the band’s name, it’s still very much in the air. “Every band name has been taken, and they all have lawyers,” MacKaye was quoted as saying during the set. MacKaye also revealed that, despite their recent live debut, he, Lally and Farina have actually been “playing in a basement together for three years.”

Check out some photo footage below.

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This break in format is brought to you by Ian, Amy, and Joe’s new band. Ian says they’ve been playing together in the basement for three years, so they aren’t really new, but tonight was their first public outing. “What’s their name?” you might ask (as someone in the crowd tonight did). Well, they don’t have one. Ian said something to the effect of “every band name has been taken, and they all have lawyers.” He joked “let’s call it The Band.” “Fugevens” is the obvious choice, but I refrained from yelling that out tonight (maybe next time). You may also ask “what did they sound like?” Unsurprisingly, kind of like a cross between The Evens and Fugazi. Very bass-driven. Ian was back to the old SG, but didn’t bring out the old FVGAZI JCM800. Maybe that was a concession to the fact that they were playing in a church, maybe it was a tone choice. Time will tell. It was good to hear Ian playing guitar and doing some yelling. It’s been way too long. #ianmackaye #amyfarina #joelally #fugazi #theevens #stjosephschurch #coriky

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