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Ice-T admits he’s never eaten a bagel

on November 09, 2018, 3:03pm

Since 2001, Ice-T has dutifully played the role of Detective “Fin” Tutuola on NBC’s Law & Order: SVU. Proudly hailing from Harlem, Fin is often known for delivering sage advice and witticisms informed by his hardened street smarts. As a former member of the Narcotics division, he’s also the cop everyone (and the internet) turns to for a heads up on the latest drugs making the rounds in Brooklyn.

However, despite portraying this character for nearly 20 years, Ice-T has admitted to perhaps the worst crime a supposed native New Yorker could commit: He has never eaten a bagel.

When asked on Twitter about his favorite bagel type, the rapper-actor replied bluntly, “I’ve never eaten a bagel in my life.” Fans, unable to believe their tried and true Fin had never feasted on Murray’s — or anyone’s — Bagels quickly dug through the archives.

“You had a cinnamon raisin one on SVU,” one fan pointed out, to which Ice-T responded heartlessly, “Lol. TV is make believe.” The 60-year-old later addressed the internet backlash to his especially heinous crime, “… Don’t lose your fn minds because I’ve never eaten a bagel… take it easy.”

It’s easy to say, “Take it easy,” but if you’re gonna play the part of proud New Yorker for two decades, maybe uh, really play the part. Plus, bagels are fucking delicious. I had an “Everything” bagel just yesterday (from a spot in South Brooklyn) and I’m sad I’m not eating one right this very minute. You’re missing out, my guy.