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In Photos: Mitski Delivers an Explosion of Emotion at Seattle’s Showbox SODO (10/31)

on November 01, 2018, 2:09pm

Riding on the high of her beloved fifth studio album, Be the Cowboy, Mitski celebrated Halloween in Seattle last night for a show filled with angst, heartbreak, and rampages, all against loving someone who will never love you in return. It was a fitting mood for a gloomy holiday, and Mitski capitalized on the feeling, donning a costume of “your ex-wife.”

Though, with a setlist that spanned her entire catalogue, Mitski explored a range of emotions, from rage to grief and everything that lives in between. Despite this eclectic energy, the singer-songwriter was surprisingly shy all night, leaning more on the music to speak volumes for her and allow a couple hundred people into her head for a short while.

Photographer Caroline Daniel captured snapshots of the evening. Peruse her snaps and the night’s full setlist below, then follow both her and Consequence on Instagram.

Remember My Name
I Don’t Smoke
Washing Machine Heart
First Love / Late Spring
Francis Forever
Me and My Husband
Dan the Dancer
Once More to See You
A Pearl
Thursday Girl
I Will
I Bet on Losing Dogs
I Want You
Your Best American Girl
Why Didn’t You Stop Me?
Come into the Water
Drunk Walk Home
A Burning Hill

Two Slow Dancers
Goodbye, My Danish Sweetheart