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Jered Threatin issues bizarre statement, plus his musical past is revealed

on November 14, 2018, 2:08pm

Since Friday, the rock world has been been buzzing about the band Threatin, who apparently duped European clubs into thinking the band had a huge following, only to see the band play to empty venues.

Now, the band’s frontman and only true member, Jered Threatin, has released his first statement, simply stating, “What is Fake News? I turned an empty room into an international headline. If you are reading this, you are part of the illusion.” He also tagged a number of news outlets.

As reported yesterday, his hired touring members quit the band once they started seeing the headlines pop up on Friday about Jered’s apparent deceptive practices, with the drummer and guitarist both delivering tell-all interviews to give their sides of the story.

Along with Jered’s statement today, MetalSucks, which has been diving deep into the story, has uncovered details about Jered’s musical past. His real name is Jered Eames, and he is originally from Missouri, before moving to California. He played in the death metal band Saetith, and he apparently once joined Abigail Williams as their bass player. After seeing the MetalSucks article, Abigail Williams leader Ken Sorceron confirmed that Eames was indeed in the band for one week in 2010.

Much more has been dug up about Jered Threatin’s past, so we encourage you to visit MetalSucks for all the details.

Update: Jered’s brother, Scott Eames, who is a metal musician himself, has issued the following statement to Metal Injection:

“All I can say is I’m disappointed in the choices my brother as made. With the current news shedding light on his real identity and our relation, and that we did have a band together in the past, I have to actively disassociate myself with his current actions.

It is my opinion that with the same amount of effort and money, of which I’m sure he’s borrowed a lot, there’s no doubt in my mind, with his talent, he could have done something in a legitimate and respectable manner. Instead, he’s gone the route of manipulation and deceit. While he may try to spin all this as an elaborate hoax of sorts, I can assure you, knowing my brother, that this indeed was a failed attempt at entering the music industry.

I’ve not spoken to Jered since 2012. It’s true that my brother and I had a somewhat successful regional band together, but we split up, mostly, due to Jered wanting to take things in the direction you all see before you. I, personally, have no tolerance for these kinds of antics. In contrast, I do things in a legitimate way. The opportunities I have had has been a product of hard work and dedication, and not through any means of misconception or deceit. It is my goal with this statement not to disown my brother, but to disassociate, and express my detest for, his recent actions in the music industry.”

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