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Lorde has started brainstorming her next album, which “will probably be born around the piano in my house”

on November 27, 2018, 10:11am

Lorde has been laying low since the culmination of her Melodrama world tour. She’s signed herself off of social media, and retreated back to New Zealand to recuperate after nearly two years of a grueling promotional cycle for her latest opus.

While at home, Lorde has been teaching herself how to play piano and, in the process, she’s begun to brainstorm ideas for her third album. “I haven’t started properly on the next record yet, and I’m not sure how long it’ll be,” she writes in a newsletter sent to fans this week. “But I’ve been teaching myself how to play piano, and here and there little bits come out. I think this next one will probably be born around the piano in my house, me and my friends, keeping it simple…”

“But know that for now I’m happy here at home, living quietly and simply, eating toast, going for walks, swimming. And you’ll hear all about it soon enough,” Lorde adds.

Elsewhere in the newsletter, Lorde recounts her grueling Melodrama tour, which spanned 116 full-scale performances (the design of which seemed to catch the eye of Kanye West and Kid Cudi). In her own words, the number “includes shows, festivals, radio thingies, TV performances… holy shit I have no idea how we did all those bloody performances! And now it’s the end, and I’m caught in an overwhelming mix of relief, gratitude, mourning, elation, and exhaustion.”

She continues to thank everyone who came out to the shows and supported the new record:

“As I sit at home at my kitchen table with the dog under my feet and the doors wide open, I’m thankful to be back where I feel most like myself, but also a little spooked to think it will be a while before we see each again, formally. I had gotten used to meeting you all over the world, all those countries, faces, voices. Every show was different in its beauty, every jet-lagged night as freshly excruciating as the first time… Tour is no joke, it takes so much from you, but is the absolute brightest time. I’ve never felt richer than in those moments with you, all of us heaving to Green Light, or singing Writer [in the Dark] together, or Supercut. The way you took this record and made it yours will be a highlight of my life forever.

“So really, this little note is just to say thankyou. Thankyou for continuing to change my life, year after year; for living inside the work that I make; for always being ready for what’s round the corner.”

Here’s to hoping these self-taught piano lessons don’t yield another lengthy wait like the one fans endured between 2013’s Pure Heroine and 2017’s Melodrama.