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New Slipknot album centered around “evil vs. good” theme

on November 27, 2018, 2:51pm

With anticipation building for the release of a new Slipknot album in 2019, the Iowa-based masked marauders have been adding fuel to the fire over the past month, with a music video for the surprise new song “All Out Life”, and small details being dropped via their app, Touche. But we’ve finally gotten a real sense of what the as-yet-unnamed full-length will be about via founding member Shawn “Clown” Crahan.

In an interview with Billboard, the percussionist says that the long-percolating new disc is all about “good vs. evil, or in this sense, evil vs. good.”

“It’s about being a human being and experiencing what you have in correlating it to this world,” he revealed. “This world is ugly and it’s supposed to be, and it has to be in order for art to lead to grandness and beauty.”

Crahan also revealed that Slipknot are once again working with producer Greg Fidelman, who helped the band with their last album 2014’s .5: The Grey Chapter, and that they have a number of songs under consideration for the final tracklist. What he wouldn’t give up was the release date, though with the group’s tour of Europe, which starts on June 7th in Finland, now scheduled, that could give some indication of when fans can expect new music. When asked about it, though, Crahan was a little cagey.

“Nothing is in stone,” he said. “There are songs that are considered the album, but everything can change. We would never go do [concerts] without an album, but…we’re not following any rules this time, not that we ever did. We’re on an outline, and I think everybody’s going to be pleasantly surprised.”

What will hopefully tide Slipknot’s beloved Maggots over until more new music is available is the 10th anniversary edition of All Hope Is Gone, the band’s fourth studio album, which arrives on December 7th. The deluxe reissue features new artwork and a bonus disc containing their 2009 headlining performance at Madison Square Garden.

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