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Video: Threatin play to near-empty venue on infamous Europe tour

on November 12, 2018, 5:10pm

It’s the story that took the rock world by storm on Friday: The L.A. rock act Threatin had fooled European venues into thinking the band had a big following, only to end up playing near-empty venues on its current “Breaking The World Tour”.

Now, video footage has surfaced of the band playing one of those shows, with frontman Jered Threatin and company rocking out to no one in particular at their November 7th gig in Manchester, England, except for a photographer, and a couple dudes talking in the background, almost drowning out the band itself. The clip, uploaded by MetalSucks, and shot by Marc Hatton of UK band LUTE, who opened for Threatin that night, can be seen below:

The video footage is not the only new item to surface since the originally story broke on Friday. Now comes word from MetalSucks that Wikipedia moderators had debated deleting Threatin’s Wiki page after it was determined that much of the information had appeared to be unsubstantiated. Such observations included in the moderator discussion were that the Wiki page did not have “any reliable sources” and that it “all seems to be an elaborate promotional scheme”.

As reported on Friday, Threatin booked an entire Europe tour based on an apparent strong social media presence — like having 38,000 Facebook fans and a large YouTube following — but it appears that most of those numbers were bought or fabricated. Their European concerts, which are scheduled through November 16th, have been attended by only a few people each.

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