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Hunky Los Angeles crooner Aidan Alexander shares stormy new single, “Melancholia”: Stream

on December 11, 2018, 12:52pm

Back in September, actor Aidan Alexander (.270, Red Wing) made his music debut with his first single, “I Don’t Love You”. Now, the Los Angeles hunk evolves those feelings on his latest track, “Melancholia”, which is in no way an homage to Lars von Trier.

Instead, it’s a stormy slice of R&B that brings justice to its titular theme, oozing with the kind of comfortable dread that comes from loving your own sadness, as The Smashing Pumpkins’ Bill Corgan once sang years and years ago.

“The song is about growing up and knowing that everyone around you is changing and not knowing where you fit in that,” Alexanders says. “It’s about the little things that age you, like going back to someplace you went as a child and it seems way smaller than it did back then. It’s about your aunt’s kids growing up in front of you and your dog getting old and boney.

“Saying goodbye to the protection of being a child is a hard thing to grasp,” he continues. “Even before turning 18, I’ve always felt a little bit on the outside of things. It’s a melancholy feeling to feel alone around people. The line ‘will i always feel you, melancholia?’ is me identifying that all too familiar feeling.

“It’s about knowing you are going to miss the oak-lined streets and the clean air and being carried to bed,” he adds. “It’s about knowing that the smell of cookies baking and the feeling of your favorite show airing will be replaced with something new. And not knowing what that is.”

Stream the track below. Currently, Alexander is putting the finishing touches on his debut EP, which he plans to release sometime next year. In the meantime, you can see him on go90’s coming-of-age series, Play by Play.

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