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Deadpool valiantly defends Nickelback in new teaser for Once Upon a Deadpool: Watch

on December 10, 2018, 11:27am

Tread carefully as you enter, dear reader; if you’re not careful, you might cut yourself on all the following edge.

As most know, the majority of this week’s Once Upon a Deadpool isn’t actually a new release, but instead a PG-13 recut of this summer’s Deadpool 2, just in time for the holidays. To justify its existence as a theatrical release, aside from the incredibly cool charity drive being run alongside its release, there’ll also be footage of Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) reading the film’s story to a bed-ridden Fred Savage, in the style of The Princess Bride. It’s craven, but hey. At least it’s for charity.

A new clip suggests that Once Upon a Deadpool will continue to be very much for its core demographic and extremely not at all for the uninitiated, as a quick Savage jab at ever-debated Canadian rock quartet Nickelback turns into a full-on Deadpool rant about the band’s massive sales and countless awards accolades (including a fistful of Junos, which definitely count). It’s all very Deadpool, in so many words.

Check it out for yourself below. Once Upon a Deadpool will raise money for a good cause and allow 20th Century Fox to make a few more dollars off the franchise before their Marvel IPs are gone for good this Friday, December 14th.