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Vespera unveil video for new song “Sleepless”: Watch

on December 13, 2018, 10:00am

Hailing from Seattle, the band Vespera are set to release their debut album, The Thoughts That Plague You, in early 2019, and they’re teaming up with Heavy Consequence to bring you the premiere the music video for the new song “Sleepless” (watch below).

Vespera are a relatively new act, having formed in 2016, but frontman Jonathan Wolfe has put in time as a touring member of such acts as Slaves, Falling in Reverse, and Dayshell. The band has been rolling out singles from their debut disc over the past year, as songs like “Obsidian Dreams”, “Bloom”, and “Paradise” (featuring Spencer Sotelo from Periphery) have already surfaced, with a progressive sound that lies between alternative metal and modern rock.

As for the track “Sleepless”, the band describes the song lyrically as follows: “Emotionally abusive and toxic relationships can seem impossible to escape. We often give all of ourselves to someone or something, only to repeatedly be brought down and dragged through the mud. We let toxic people get the best of us, and despite our best efforts and most genuine intentions, we continue to suffer at the hands of our abusers. ‘Sleepless’ touches on the agony of these relationships, and the fear of not knowing how to escape.”

The band credits guitarist Cairn Tse-Lalonde with taking the lead on writing the track, explaining that he “brought our sound to a darker, heavier place than we had ever previously explored.”

Regarding the video, which was directed by Jon Vulpine, the members of Vespera got a little more than they bargained for when filming the clip in a decommissioned nuclear power plant where scenes from Transformers 3 were shot. “We filmed the band performance scenes in the dead of winter, and having to play our instruments in sub zero temperatures for just over an hour was a serious challenge,” the band reveals.

They continue, “A few months later, we returned to the nuclear facility and lowered a small boat about 50 feet into the depths of a flooded nuclear reactor where we filmed the rest of the video … Interestingly, there was military raid training going on at the facility while we were filming. On multiple occasions, we turned corners in dark basement hallways to have guns mistakenly pointed our way. We were dressed in black cloaks, and funny enough, they were more scared of us than we were of them.”

In addition to Wolfe and Tse-Lalonde, Vespera are rounded out by bassist Paul Anderson and drummer Jonathan Schwartz. You can check out their singles on Spotify, and their other music videos at the band’s official website. Stay tuned for an official release date for their debut full-length disc, The Thoughts That Plague You.

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