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Pete Davidson returns to standup, promptly rips Louis C.K.

on January 01, 2019, 2:37pm

Louis C.K. may have forgotten how to be funny, but the same cannot be said for Pete Davidson. Though the SNL comedian has had a harrowing last few months, he seems to have made it out on the other side and is back to making people laugh.

According to E! News, Davidson did a New Year’s Eve standup set in Boston, where he cracked jokes about his breakup from Ariana Grande and other recent current events. He also threw some shade in the direction of fellow comedian Louis C.K., who recently gave a controversial standup set in which he mocked survivors of the Parkland school shooting and gender-neutral pronouns.

Regarding Louis C.K., Davidson hit him with the following joke:

“I got a Harry Potter tattoo. Then the next day Alan Rickman, the guy who played Snape, died, and I was like, ‘Oh, what a weird coincidence.’ Then I got a Willy Wonka tattoo. Next day—Gene Wilder dies. Now I’m like, ‘Alright, that’s a coincidence, that’s weird.’ So I’m thinking of getting a tattoo of Louis C.K., what do you guys think?”

Davidson also revealed that Louis C.K. had attempted to get him fired from SNL. “He told [SNL creator] Lorne [Michaels] that Pete smokes so much weed that it makes people uncomfortable.” Of course, Davidson would get the last laugh, “Then five years later this motherfucker’s been locking doors and jerking off in front of people.”

On the topic of Grande, Davidson reminisced about the awkwardness of having to perform on Saturday Night Live hours after Grande released her breakup anthem, “thank u, next”. “That shit came out before I had to put on a fucking duck hat and be like, ‘derrrp here’s the pizza!'” Davidson remarked.