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Venom sequel moves forward, latches onto screenwriter Kelly Marcel

on January 07, 2019, 11:17pm

As a movie, Venom may not have been the most successful, feeling more in line with lazy superhero fare of the ’90s than the in depth epics to which Marvel Studios has made us accustomed. But as a product and a means to launch Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, the thing was a $855.5 million worldwide mega-success. So it should come as no surprise that Sony is ready to move ahead with a sequel to the Tom Hardy vehicle.

Variety reports that Sony has tapped Kelly Marcel, one of three screenwriters behind the first screenplay (and the only of the group not credited with the story), to pen the follow-up. The trade notes that the deal is a rather “significant one,” and includes an executive producer credit.

Hardy is expected to return, as is co-star Michelle Williams. It’s also pretty safe to say that (spoiler warning) Woody Harrelson will take on the role of main antagonist Cletus Kasady, aka classic Spider-Man/Venom villain Carnage. Harrelson appeared in the role during the first film’s mid-credits stinger.

Sources told Variety that Sony may be on the lookout for a new director, however, as Ruben Fleischer is wrapped up with Zombieland 2 — which, as it happens, also stars Harrelson. Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and Amy Pascal will all be back as producers.