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Alice in Chains unveil first two episodes of Black Antenna sci-fi movie: Watch

on March 08, 2019, 3:26pm

When Alice In Chains dropped the first single, “The One You Know”, from their most recent album Rainier Fog last May, the song featured a music video that cut between the band playing and strange scenes from what looked like a dark sci-fi film. We later learned that the latter was part of a multi-part thriller conceived by the video’s director Adam Mason and co-writer Paul Sloan that uses the album by the Seattle grunge-rockers as its inspiration and soundtrack.

Today, the band and Mason finally unveiled the fruits of their collective labor, dropping the first two episodes from what will ultimately be a full-length feature film titled Black Antenna.

Starring Sloan, who appeared in Green Book, and Ukrainian actress Viktoriya Dov, the story concerns a father and daughter team from another planet road tripping through California, stealing laptops and smartphones from the random men that she seduces along the way. The dad is apparently trying to use this technology to fashion an antenna to reach out to the people from their home. Naturally, they are also being pursued on Earth by some sinister forces trying to snuff them out before more of their kind reach our planet.

“This movie came out of nowhere for me,” says Mason in a statement along with the announcement. “As soon as I heard the album, the music and lyrics spoke to me on a profoundly personal level and the film and subject matter was born directly out of that. I’ve always been a huge fan of Alice In Chains, and this has been a dream come true for me. Black Antenna is a perfect synergy of the band’s lyrics, and Black Antenna paints a dark and beautiful canvas of the deeply conflicted world we live in today.”

The movie will carry on through 10 full episodes, each corresponding to a track from Rainier Fog. The first two episodes below are soundtracked by “The One You Know” and “Rainier Fog”, respectively, with the latter carrying a warning of extreme language, violence, and nudity.

There is no word yet on when we can expect the ensuing episodes. In the meantime, Alice In Chains are currently on the road in Australia and New Zealand, followed by a spring trek of Canada and a few Northern US cities, and then a recently announced a co-headlining summer tour with Korn. Pick up tickets for their upcoming shows here.