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Calling all witches: Blumhouse remaking The Craft [Updated]

on March 25, 2019, 10:43pm

It’s been nearly 23 years since director Andrew Fleming turned Fairuza Balk into the most terrifying human being alive with 1996’s The Craft. Since then, the female-led blockbuster has become a cult classic that has inspired a generation of horror fans.

While Sony initially mulled over a reboot/sequel in 2015 with director Leigh Janiak, Blumhouse has reportedly come forward with intentions to do a full-on remake, according to a new listing by Production Weekly (via Bloody Disgusting).

As Bloody Disgusting points out, it’s unclear whether Blumhouse will be using Daniel Casey’s rewrite of Janiak and co-writer Phil Grazuiadei’s script. However, it is confirmed that Janiak is no longer attached to the project and a new filmmaker is being sought out.

Update: An agent for Zoe Lister-Jones has confirmed to Consequence of Sound that the Band Aid writer and director will both pen the screenplay and direct the remake.

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Remake, though? Why? If anything, the ending of the original left the door completely wide open for a sequel, or even a series similar to Charmed. What’s more, the original cast are pretty tight still, at least if we’re to judge their recent reunion earlier this month…

We’ll see what comes to fruition. After all, Blumhouse set the template for the legacyquel with last year’s Halloween, which managed to skip, oh, eight sequels and two remakes and go straight to the source material. So, who knows…

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