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Legendary SCP Archives come to life in chilling new podcast

on March 19, 2019, 2:11pm

Looking for a good scare? Try opening the SCP Archives.

The latest podcast from Bloody Disgusting dusts off the files within the SCP Foundation, an international collaborative fiction project, chronicling strange creatures, occurrences, and the special procedures needed to Secure Contain and Protect the populace from these aberrations.

Each entry is told in the vein of a government dossier style document and includes an item number, a safety classification, respective protocols, and time-stamped addendums that range from logs to interviews – expanded beyond their casefiles into full-blown audio drama with immersive sound design.

This repository of unusual tales – both terrifying and at times hilarious – has been active since 2008, cataloging everything from cursed stairwells to immortal Witchdoctors, magic coffee machines to sentient graffiti. Suffice it to say that the minds behind Bloody Disgusting’s blockbuster Creepypasta podcast, Creepy, have outdone themselves when it comes to adapting these modern myths into SCP Archives.

Each casefile of SCP Archives is introed by Creepy’s Jon Grilz; written, directed, and edited by Lake Clarity’s Pacific Obadiah; and scored by Tom Rory Parsons.

So, grab a flashlight, maybe some sunflower seeds, and stream the first episode below. We caution you – this is a weekly series… So once you open that drawer, you’re in it forever.

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