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Alice in Chains raise a young beer bottle in bizarre “Rainier Fog” video: Watch

on May 15, 2019, 11:16am

Alice in Chains have just unveiled a video for the title track to last year’s Rainier Fog album, and it’s truly outlandish.

The clip, directed by Peter Darley Miller, starts out with the band arguing in a car over a radio station when they suddenly run over a family of beer bottles, with only the child beer bottle surviving. So, what do they do? They take the young beer bottle home with them, and raise it on their own.

From there, we see the young beer bottle being shown how to hit a baseball by Jerry Cantrell; playing in a little kiddie pool; and visiting the Grand Canyon. It only gets more bizarre after that, but you’re better off watching it below than hearing someone try to describe it.

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“In a world where things are becoming increasingly serious, with ‘Rainier Fog’ we have continued our long tradition of making asses out of ourselves in videos,” said drummer Sean Kinney. “So for all of you that were raised bottle-fed, this one is for you. Mission accomplished.”

Alice in Chains are about to embark on a tour of the UK and Europe, after which they’ll join forces with Korn for a co-headlining summer North American tour. Pick up tickets here.

In addition to the new music video, Alice in Chains have also been rolling out episodes of their feature-length thriller, Black Antenna. So far six of 10 episodes have been released.

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