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Ryan Reynolds “leaks” adorable fake Detective Pikachu screener: Watch

on May 08, 2019, 3:18pm

This week, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu hits the silver screen, finally bringing “live action” pocket monsters to movie theaters for the first time ever. As a kid-flick, the movie obviously immediately appeals to the younger generation. However, with its nostalgia factor, it also attempts to draw in us weary retired Pokétrainers, who can reminisce about the good old days rummaging through Vermillion City garbage to unlock gym badges. Whether the movie is successful at either goal is debatable, but people everywhere do agree on one thing: filmmakers have crafted a ridiculously cute and wildly adored CGI Pikachu.

Enter Ryan Reynolds, the voice of our favorite animated yellow rat. Ahead of the film’s Friday release, the star and expert troller teased fans by linking to a “screener” of the film on his Twitter. The video actually starts off looking like a real leak, complete with Reynolds’ name watermarked in the corner. However, after going through the opening credits and what appears to be the first scene from the film, we find our favorite Pokédetective boogying down to some ’80s jazzercise music. On loop. For almost two hours.

It is, in sum, the most perfect advertising trolling of all time.

While these sort of rick-rolling shenanigans might be the type of Internet junk that typically enrages the social media sphere, happily, Pikachu’s buoyant, whimsical, and altogether perfect dance moves are too adorable to scoff at. Enjoy: