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Stella Donnelly drives a hearse in new “Die” music video: Watch

on May 09, 2019, 10:22am

Australia’s newest witty indie rocker Stella Donnelly has plenty of jokes up her sleeve. Even now, after the release of her excellent album Beware of the Dogs, she continues to roll out material that offers a few laughs while simultaneously covering grim topics. Case and point: her new music video for “Die”.

In the sardonic music video, Donnelly goes the though motions of death while still looking chipper. Driving a hearse with a greyhound pup by her side? Check. Administering a shot to a patient in the back? Check. Being the patient? Check. Running out of (and away from) the hearse? Check. Laying in an open casket all gussied up anyway? Unfortunately, check. Check it out below.

“Stella told us she wrote ‘Die’ as a song for her to run to,” the director says in a press release. “There’s a stark contrast between the title of the song and it’s actual mood and musicality. We wanted to make a video that complimented the upbeat spirit while still touching on the idea of death. Couldn’t have done it without our dog Thinly.”

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