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Friedberg share the Origins of sophomore single “Go Wild”: Stream

on June 05, 2019, 2:06pm

Origins is a recurring new music feature that tasks artists with giving listeners a deeper look into the inspirations behind their latest release.

Anna Friedberg’s career started in the way many rock and roll singer-songwriters dream of. After being discovered by Lenny Kravitz in 2009, she was soon opening for the rock star on his European tour. She signed a deal with Universal Music and put out a pair of LPs — 2010’s For Real and 2014’s King in the Mirror — both of which went Gold and nabbed her trophies at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards. But success didn’t lead to satisfaction, so she broke away from the major label machine and launched a new alt-indie project called simply Friedberg.

Based in London, the quartet launched back in May with their debut single, “BOOM”, a desert-rock track that caught the attention of tastemakers throughout the EU. Now, the band is back with their sophomore song, “Go Wild”.

“Go Wild” leans deeper into the indie sensibilities of Friedberg, a bright pop edge in the reverberating melodies and scratchy neon synths. Cool and relaxed, the track is a contained party ready to burst free, which is precisely what the lyrics hint at: “Chewing up love/ Oh, howling inside/ Like a pink leopard/ You gotta go wild.”

Take a listen below.

For more on “Go Wild”, Anna Friedberg herself has broken into the song’s Origins.


Friedberg Origins Go Wild London

Shortly after I moved to London, coming from Berlin, I realised the culture of going out is so different here. In England you have a very limited time frame to prepare for a night out (because most pubs close quite early), so people just get super drunk very quickly. On one of my first nights in London, I was in a quite weird pub and completely sober whilst everyone around me was super wasted. I felt like I was somehow absorbing that energy of the people around me and suddenly I felt like slipping into those people’s minds, almost jumping from one to the next and all these weird sentences came to me. Essentially, I wrote the lyrics on the spot in the club (whilst mind-hopping) and went to the studio the same night with my friend and producer Matthias Biermann (of the band Roosevelt).

Luis Bunuel:

I got hold of the whole Luis Bunuel film collection just before writing the lyrics and started to watch one movie after the other and got totally obsessed by him and the surrealist worlds he creates. It feels like a weird stream of consciousness at times and I absolutely fell in love with how he is able to translate those thoughts into an actual movie. I found that very inspiring, especially fell in love with, The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie and The Phantom of Liberty – both from the ’70s. Being in that Bunuel mindset at the time, I guess it was no wonder that some of the peculiar lyrics for Go Wild came to me.


Still the hottest band in the world. I cannot believe I discovered ESG only a few years ago. What was I doing all my life before ESG? To me, they are coolness personified and much more than that: so groovy, hooky and minimalistic. Everything I love combined in one band. I recently saw them live on their last tour at the Jazz Cafe in London. I freaking loved it and of course couldn’t stop dancing all night.

My Band:

Friedberg Band Origins, photo by Max Parovsky Go Wild

Friedberg, photo by Max Parovsky

Always an inspiration for ‘going wild’ — not only on stage! I love them so much! Our energies combined in one room or on one stage can be quite special and overwhelming which adds another layer of irony to the song, given the story and sound of the track.

Patti Smith:

Friedberg Origins Go Wild Patti Smith Ben Kaye

Patti Smith, photo by Ben Kaye

Her way of writing, her poetry, the life as an artist back in the late 60s and early 70s in New York, which she describes so beautifully in her book Just Kids, has always been a huge inspiration for me. She is also an inspiration to just stay true to yourself, be passionate about what you’re doing and never ever compromise!