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Grimes offers update on new album, says it’s “done but mixing”

on June 06, 2019, 10:25am

Grimes made a lot of big proclamations back in the spring. She said she was changing her name to simply “c”, disowned her smash Art Angels, said she’d prefer to tour as a hologram, and announced a new album called Miss_Anthropocene. But after all that hubbub, it’s been a quiet few months from the esoteric pop producer. It turns out the radio silence has been because of her focus on finishing the LP — which it now appears she’s done. Update: Miss_Anthropocene arrives in February 2020.

In a Twitter response to a fan asking for a hint at when new music could be expected, Grimes replied, “Albums done but mixing.” She apologized for “taking my sweet time,” saying she was “still recovering” (from what it’s not quite clear. Her 2018 of rough press?). “Want to have everything 100% done so I can drop all at once,” she added.

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Grimes also mentioned in the tweet that she was “working follow up tho” [sic]. Now, this could mean she is working on following up with the mixing, but some on Reddit have interpreted this to mean she’s already planning whatever comes after Miss_Anthropocene. She did tell Flaunt back in April that she would be ending label relations after her latest full-length to focus on different release methods. “If I didn’t have this whole requirement to release an ‘album,’ I would have just dropped a bunch of music ages ago,” she said. Perhaps she’s so excited to be done with full-lengths that she’s already got her eyes on what’s next?

It’s anyone’s guess when we might actually get a new album, as Grimes has been known to give promising updates before. Thankfully, it’s not as if we’ve heard nothing from “c” over the last few months. She teamed with Bring Me the Horizon on “Nihilist Blues”, linked with Mindless Self Indulgence’s Jimmy Urine on “The Medicine Does Not Control Me”, leaked her own “Pretty Dark” demo, and of course shared “We Appreciate Power” back in November.

Hopefully this latest update means more original work is nearing our speakers.