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Conan O’Brien wings show after Kumail Nanjiani bails: Watch

on July 13, 2019, 11:11am

“Keep cool, my babies.” More often than not, Conan O’Brien works best shooting from the hip. That much he proved on Thursday night when Kumail Nanjiani bailed on the show only 30 minutes before the episode was set to start rolling.

So, what did he do? He hung out with his hilarious, longtime personal assistant Sona Movsesian. In addition to serving as a regular on his excellent new podcast series, Conan Needs a Friend, Movsesian has appeared in his 2011 doc Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop, a 2015 episode of Conan Without Borders on Armenia, and countless remotes.

If anything, the episode was far more exciting than hearing bullshit stories about Stuber, and quite a revelation. It revealed that O’Brien could benefit from further retooling his nightly programming. Besides, ever since he opted to this new interview format, something’s been missing, and it was refreshing seeing him get a little anarchic.

Having said that, don’t expect any bad blood between the late-night legend and Nanjiani. “The @ConanOBrien is my comedy hero,” the Silicon Valley star tweeted. “Him and @AndyRichter are the reason I started comedy. So this clip is something I would love if it was about anybody other than me. But it’s about me, so I’m truly mortified.”

Watch highlights from the episode below.