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Win a Stranger Things Walkie T-ALKIE Phone Case!

on July 12, 2019, 3:00pm

Three seasons of Stranger Things have proven that communication is key. That’s why the core members of Hawkins AV Club lug around those giant walkie talkies; otherwise, how else would they coordinate their attack on the Mind Flayer or the Russians?

With that in mind, Consequence of Sound teamed up with T-Mobile and Netflix to make sure you’re also properly outfitted. That’s why we’re giving away four limited-edition Walkie T-ALKIE phone cases to the brave souls willing to head into the Upside Down. Because T-Mobile customers already enjoy Netflix on Us, this partnership is a match made in the Right-Side Up.

As you can see below, the case is an exact replica of the vintage walkie talkies they use on the show, complete with its clunky body and an antenna that reaches for the stars. You’ll no doubt look like little Mike Wheeler holding one of these.

Enter into the giveaway below and revisit our review of the new season.

Stranger Things Walkie T-ALKIE Giveaway