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The Go Ahead fight against the grey areas of sexual abuse in video for “Falling Out Of Place”: Watch

on July 03, 2019, 6:55pm

The Go Ahead has returned with a new single and music video that speaks out against sexual abuse. It’s called “Falling Out of Place” and finds singer Kyna Wise offering a deeply confessional anthem that contends with the grey areas of sexual manipulation.

“You’ll never really have something real/ You never really had me for real,” Wise sings, before pivoting towards the consequences. “So, now, I’m moving on to Plan B That should almost kill me/ Poppin’ pills with no thrills/ What the fuck is that right?”

It’s a coarse slice of alternative rock that she’s paired with an incredibly sobering video. Directed by Frank Door, Wise sings from the emptiness of a dark kitchen floor, where she stares with equal vacancy as various quotes stripe her eyes.

These quotes are hardly fiction, though. Wise, as part of a separate project, interviewed several women who have been sexually assaulted in non-violent ways, all in an effort to start a conversation about the oft-silenced forms of abuse.

Watch the video below and follow Wise’s efforts here.