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Tool unveil tracklist for new album Fear Inoculum

on August 14, 2019, 12:19am

It’s been 13 years since Tool released a studio album, so it’s hard to fault them for taking their time in rolling out details for Fear Inoculum. Now, the tracklist has been unveiled for Tool’s fifth full-length effort.

The physical CD of Fear Inoculum contains seven songs, while the digital version includes three additional segue tracks mixed in between the main seven tunes.

So far, the band already debuted the songs “Descending” and “Invincible” during their spring and early summer tour dates, and released the studio version of the first single, the title track “Fear Inoculum”, last week. The four other main songs are called “Pneuma”, “Culling Voices”, “Chocolate Chip Trip” and “7empest”.

The digital version contains all of the above, plus the three segues: “Litanie contre la Peur”, “Legion Inoculant”, and the closing “Mockingbeat”.

The CDs will include access to a digital download, so fans who purchase physical copies won’t miss out on those additional three tracks.

As previously reported, Fear Inoculum arrives August 30th, with pre-orders available here. The band also recently made its back catalog available for the first time on digital streaming and download services.

Fear Inoculum Physical Tracklist:
01. Fear Inoculum
02. Pneuma
03. Invincible
04. Descending
05. Culling Voices
06. Chocolate Chip Trip
07. 7empest

Fear Inoculum Digital Tracklist:
01. Fear Inoculum
02. Pneuma
03. Litanie contre la Peur
04. Invincible
05. Legion Inoculant
06. Descending
07. Culling Voices
08 Chocolate Chip Trip
09. 7empest
10. Mockingbeat