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Donald Trump posts Nickelback video meme

on October 02, 2019, 5:39pm

As the storyline starts to stale and the characters devolve into exaggerated parodies of their former selves, the writers behind the great American sitcom known as Donald Trump’s presidency are seemingly running short on fresh ideas. And the ones they do have are really, really bad.

Yesterday brought the bizarre addition of Moby to a subplot involving Congress’ investigation into Trump’s finances. And today, in between Trump’s latest Oval Office temper tantrum and reports that he proposed building a moat full of alligators and snakes to surround his still unfinished border wall, Canadian rock gods Nickelback have made a cameo.

In an attempt to connect former vice president Joe Biden with improper business dealings in Ukraine (of which there is no actual evidence), Trump’s goons have dug up a photograph of Biden and his son golfing with a Ukrainian gas executive (who is actually just Hunter Biden’s longtime business partner).

The image was then superimposed into Nickelback’s 2005 video for “Photograph” and tweeted by the Leader of the Free World. (And you thought the Brady Bunch’s addition of Cousin Oliver was jumping the shark.)

George Washington gave America its independence, Abraham Lincoln ended slavery, FDR defeated the Nazis, JFK put a man on the moon, and Donald Trump tweeted a fucking Nickelback meme.

One can only image what stupidity tomorrow will bring.

Update: Nickelback has successfully pulled the video from Twitter. Not all heroes wear capes.