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Dying Fetus and Death Decline soundtrack Stan’s new extreme-metal band in South Park episode: Watch

on October 03, 2019, 1:53pm

*Spoiler* On Wednesday night’s episode of South Park, Stan Marsh is forced to move away from his hometown. Like any frustrated kid, Marsh decides to start a band called Crimson Dawn to channel his aggressions. It just so happens that it’s an extreme metal band, and the two songs they play are soundtracked by Maryland death metal veterans Dying Fetus and like-minded French act Death Decline.

Backing Marsh is a supergroup of South Park favorites featuring Kenny on bass, Butters on guitar, and Jimmy behind a massive drum set. In the clip below, the first song they play is “Useless Sacrifice” by Death Decline. The on-looking crowd at “Autumn Fest” is left speechless by Stan’s crushing vocals. The second scene finds the band rehearsing “Second Skin” from Dying Fetus’ 2012 album, Reign Supreme.

Extreme metal is having a proverbial moment in the sun, with the South Park feature coming after a “death metal” version (albeit more black metal) of climate activist Greta Thunberg’s UN speech went viral and eventually became a charity single. Fortunately for extreme-metal fans, both come off as positive exposure, taking the genre seriously despite the implied humor.