Five Spectacular Children’s Shows Coming to Your Town This Holiday Season

on November 15, 2019, 7:12pm

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The holiday season has arrived.

There’s no use fighting it. Temperatures have dropped, and first snows have fallen. City workers (possibly in the dead of night) turned your local main street into a winter wonderland of wreaths, tinsel, and sparkling snowflakes. And, most telling, a little note full of requests, written in crayon in a wobbly hand, got shoved under your door on November 1st. No, that wasn’t your landlord, though the penmanship is eerily similar. Rather than mailing off their deepest holiday desires to the far North, your kids are cutting out the middle-elf and counting on you to make this holiday season special.

If you’re honest, you kinda owe them. After all, you did eat at least as much of their Halloween candy as they did. So, it’s time to step up for all those times you dragged junior to a festival in those dumb-looking safety earmuffs. It’s time to be your child’s not-so-secret Santa. A true rock star.

And StubHub is your one-stop Santa’s workshop for tickets to all the children’s shows coming to town this holiday season. These are the shows your kids have been dying to see and talking about around the cubbyholes at school. Whether it’s Trolls, Disney favorites, or the old Sesame Street gang, StubHub has the seats that’ll make for the ultimate holiday experience for your entire family.

So, make sure you’re a holiday hero and get tickets to these shows before the real Santa brings them and takes all the credit.

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Trolls Live!

Trolls Live!

Trolls Live!

Parents will immediately recognize Trolls Live! as being based on the dolls they had as kids. But that doesn’t account for the full-blown multimedia empire those strange, little toys have turned into. (Don’t worry. Your kids will explain it to you.) In the meantime, come join a life-size Poppy, Branch, and friends onstage for dancing, jokes, a rockin’ sing-along, and enough surprises to keep the entire family guessing. With dozens of shows all over the country and a schedule too loaded to be contained by the calendar year, Trolls Live! will be making children sing and dance well into 2020. Be sure your family isn’t left out of the fun. Check out the entire itinerary here.

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Disney Junior Holiday Dance Party

Disney Junior Holiday Dance Party

Disney Junior Holiday Dance Party

Maybe the hardest part of any holiday season is figuring out which holiday parties to attend. Well, you’re in luck then. Skip that stuffy corporate party this year, and take the whole family out to the Disney Junior Holiday Dance Party. Not only will the party feature favorite Disney songs and traditional holiday classics, but you and your children will be boogieing right along with all of your favorite Disney characters. Oh, and a special guest — some fella called Santa Claus — might just make a surprise appearance before all the dancing comes to an end. The Disney Junior Holiday Dance Party will be grooving right through 50+ cities non-stop right up through Christmas, so there’s no excuse for missing this one. Look for tickets near you here.

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Paw Patrol Live: Race to the Rescue

Paw Patrol Live-1

Paw Patrol Live: Race to the Rescue

The holiday season should be a selfless time of giving, of course, and what better lesson to instill in your children than helping others in need? Luckily, that’s precisely the lesson they’ll learn at Paw Patrol Live: Race to the Rescue. Ryder is back and leading all your kids’ favorite search and rescue dogs from the CGI-animated show — Chase, Rubble, Skye, and more — into action on a super special secret mission. With dozens of shows scheduled across the country and Canada (including the series’ other live show, The Great Pirate Adventure, which we also recommend), it’s time to put down the Christmas cookies for an afternoon and join the Paw Patrol. Click here for more ticket details.

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Sesame Street Live

Sesame Street Live - Make Your Magic

Sesame Street Live – Make Your Magic

Ready for some sunny days sweeping those clouds away? Both you and your children can no doubt tell us how to get to Sesame Street, a show both of you likely grew up on. And now here’s a wonderful opportunity to share that bond with your children as characters such as Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Super Grover, Bert and Ernie, and Oscar the Grouch bring America’s favorite street to life for a magical live performance. With dozens of appearances across the United States and Canada and three unique live shows to choose from, the old Sesame Street gang surely has something special for every family this Christmas. To see how close they’ll be coming to your own street, click here for details.

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Disney on Ice Presents: Road Trip Adventures

Disney on Ice - Road Trip Adventures

Disney on Ice – Road Trip Adventures

Here’s a mix of old and new that’s sure to please kids from 1 to 92. Not only does Road Trip Adventures shoot your family off on high-octane adventures across the globe with beloved Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Moana, Goofy, Woody, and Simba. But it does so coupled with the elegance of an ice show. High adventure with classic Disney characters, gorgeous sets and costumes, and some of the best figure skating you’ll ever see a mouse do … sounds like the perfect way to spend a holiday evening with loved ones. The good times will be skating to an arena near you in January for a little post-holiday magic. Sharpen your skates, and check out the itinerary here.

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