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Lee Ranaldo and Raül Refree Detail Names of North End Women and Revisit First Shows

on November 13, 2019, 10:17am

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This week, we bring you a live recording of our first in a series of events live from the Stubhub New York office at 39th & Broadway. Host Lior Phillips is joined by the dynamic duo of Lee Ranaldo and Raül Refree to chat about their upcoming new album, Names of North End Women—out February 21, 2020, via Mute. Plus, the duo premiere the title track to the record in the episode.

Throughout his decades as a member of Sonic Youth, Lee has continuously experimented and expended his artistic palette, working as a painter, poet, and more. Raul, meanwhile, established himself as a unique musical mind as a member of Spanish hardcore outfit Corn Flakes, and has since moved on to a powerful and diverse solo career, as well as producing a variety of artists.

In addition to chatting about their new album, Lior, Lee, and Raul discuss cycling while on tour, their early experience seeing Guns N’ Roses and Michael Jackson, Sonic Youth’s tour with Neil Young, Raul’s work with flamenco heroes such as Rosalía, and so much more.

Preorders for the record are now available from Mute. Below, you can watch the music video for “Names of North End Women” and also see photos from the recording itself, courtesy of Consequence’s own Ben Kaye.

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