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25 Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2020

on January 13, 2020, 11:09pm
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Iron Maiden – TBA

Iron Maiden 2020 Anticipated

Iron Maiden, photo by Kevin RC Wilson

Release Date: TBA

Why We’re Excited: To see what the heavy metal legends will think of next. Each new Iron Maiden album introduces another chapter in their ever expansive lore. Singer Bruce Dickinson acts as the narrator of lengthy epics and fantastic tales, weaving literary themes and motifs across densely composed metal of the classic strand. While we pretty much know what we’re getting with a new Iron Maiden album, that’s not necessarily a bad thing when the band is so capable at their craft. They only helped invent the craft itself. Though there’s no timeline for a release, recent reports suggest that the band quietly recorded the album last year. This year marks five years since 2015’s The Book of Souls , so the world is due for another opus from Maiden following their massive “Legacy of the Beast Tour”. —Jon Hadusek

King Diamond – The Institute

King Diamond 2020 Anticipated

King Diamond, photo by Kevin RC Wilson

Release Date: TBA

Why We’re Excited: The single “Masquerade of Madness” was one of the best metal songs of 2019 and an absolute treat for purists. Per King Diamond himself, the song was recorded without compression and sounds like the pristine analog of heavy metal’s storied past. Leave it to the King: The band hadn’t released new music in over a decade and they drop a banger out of the darkness of a long hiatus. That’s about to be over, as King Diamond has two albums planned for The Institute saga, which tells the horror story of a institutionalized girl’s psychological torments. —Jon Hadusek

Lamb of God – TBA

Lamb of God 2020 Anticipated

Lamb of God, photo by Amy Harris

Release Date: TBA

Why We’re Excited: This summer will mark five years since we’ve gotten some original pure American metal from Virginia heavyweights Lamb of God. Randy Blythe and company have been road dogs, in recent years, supporting a number of the legs on Slayer’s farewell tour. While they did release a covers album under their original band name, Burn the Priest, new music from Lamb of God is always a major moment in metal. Now, with longtime drummer Chris Adler out of the lineup, and Art Cruz behind the kit, it will be interesting to see what kind of groove the band comes up with for their latest LP. — Spencer Kaufman

Marilyn Manson – TBA

Marilyn Manson 2020 Anticipated

Marilyn Manson, photo by Melinda Oswandel

Release Date: TBA

Why We’re Excited: The unpredictable Marilyn Manson was actually one of the most consistent artists of the 2010s, releasing some of his best work in his career, particularly his most recent albums The Pale Emperor and Heaven Upside Down. The Antichrist Superstar has been talking up his new album, produced by country outlaw Shooter Jennings, and has teased us with covers of the traditional folk song “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” and The Doors classic “The End”. With Manson set to support Ozzy Osbourne on an early summer North American tour, 2020 should mark another big year for the shock rocker. — Spencer Kaufman

Mastodon – TBA

Mastodon 2020 Anticipated

Mastodon, photo by Jimmy Hubbard

Release Date: TBA

Why We’re Excited: Mastodon’s follow-up to 2017’s Emperor of Sand has been brewing for a while. Back in 2018, Brann Dailor told Heavy Consequence that the band would start working on a new album in early 2019, but those change plans, and a 2020 release became more realistic. It would fit the pattern of their last couple releases, both three years apart. “I’m hoping for continuation of what’s been going on the past 10 years,” he recently told Rolling Stone. Lately, Mastodon have embraced shorter, hook-based songs over the prog epics of their past. If we’re to take Dallor’s word, the new album won’t stray far from that approach and will “probably come out” this year. —Jon Hadusek

Megadeth – TBA

Megadeth 2020 Anticipated

Megadeth, photo by David Brendan Hall

Release Date: TBA

Why We’re Excited: Megadeth were on this same list last year, with most fans expecting a new album in 2019. But plans changed when frontman Dave Mustaine was diagnosed with throat cancer back in June. After successful treatments, Mustaine is doing well and the band recently declared that they are officially back. The band’s wasting no time, going on tour in Europe this month and then continuing work on the follow-up to 2016’s Dystopia. Mustaine mentioned “crushing” new songs could be released to coincide with the European tour, but so far, nothing has surfaced. Bassist David Ellefson is hopeful that the record could come out in 2020 now that Mustaine has completed his treatments.—Jon Hadusek

Ministry – TBA

Ministry 2020 Anticipated

Ministry, photo by Kevin RC Wilson

Release Date: TBA

Why We’re Excited: When we spoke with Al Jourgensen in fall of 2018, he told us he was going to begin work on a new Ministry album on January 1st, 2019. It’s been a year since then, and we’re excited for what the industrial mastermind has to offer. On Ministry’s previous album, 2018’s AmeriKKKant, Jourgensen offered a scathing take down of Trump’s America, and he’s hoping to get one more full-length in while Trump is still in office. Ministry ended up spending a good deal of 2019 on the road, including a support slot on Slayer’s final tour, so we’ll see if Uncle Al and company can come through before year’s end. — Spencer Kaufman

Pallbearer – TBA

Pallbearer 25 Most Anticipated Metal Albums of 2020


Release Date: TBA

Why We’re Excited: Pallbearer’s fourth studio album will be their debut on prestigious metal label Nuclear Blast. If last year’s one-off single “Atlantis” was any indication, the band will be delivering more epic doom metal on the recently recorded new album. The Arkansas quartet emerged during the last decade, growing from humble origins to become one the most beloved modern doom acts. After three strong albums and a slight shift toward more pop-oriented song structures, Pallbearer are primed to increase their growing fanbase once again with their first release on the high profile metal imprint.—Jon Hadusek

Power Trip – TBA

Power Trip 2020 Anticipated

Power Trip, photo by Jon Hadusek

Release Date: TBA

Why We’re Excited: Did Nightmare Logic really come out in 2017? It feels like so long ago, and fans are jonesing for the next album from the Texan thrashers. After touring relentlessly for the past couple years, the band sounds airtight these days — as we can attest from catching Power Trip on their recent  co-headlining tour with High on Fire, and soaking in their cover of Outburst’s “When Things Go Wrong”. It’s a prime time for Power Trip to head back to the studio. “In the lab working on a bunch of new material this week,” the band tweeted in August of last year. “LP #3 coming in hot.”—Jon Hadusek

Rob Zombie – TBA

Rob Zombie 2020 Anticipated

Rob Zombie, photo by Raymond Ahner

Release Date: TBA

Why We’re Excited: Rob Zombie has been dividing his time between music and movies, and with his Firefly trilogy finally completed last year with 3 From Hell, attention can now turn to his next album. The music has been in the can for a while, with guitarist John 5 touting the new LP as “by far the best Zombie record that he’s ever done”, including anything he did with White Zombie. No word on a title or release date yet, but if John 5 is to be believed, we’re in for one helluva ride. — Spencer Kaufman

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