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Radiohead launch the Radiohead Public Library

on January 20, 2020, 8:08am

Everything is in its right place: Radiohead have launched a massive digital archive called the Radiohead Public Library, collecting every aspect of the band’s career in a highly curated and organized format.

Needless to say, Radiohead fans are in for a real treat. They’ll find everything from rare B-sides and live recordings, to high-res performance footage and TV appearances, much of which has never before been seen. Additionally, fans can create their own personalized library card, and order previously out-of-print merchandise from past eras of the band.

Among the most notable offerings (via r/radiohead):

— All of the webcasts from Radiohead’s Kid A-era

— A full pro-shot live film of Radiohead’s legendary 2006 headlining performance at Bonnaroo

— A full pro-shot live film of Radiohead’s controversial 2017 performance in Tel Aviv, Israel

— An additional 14 minutes pro-shot footage of Radiohead’s 1997 headlining performance at Glastonbury

— All of Radiohead’s Office Charts have been turned into streamable playlists

— High-definition uploads of Radiohead’s various music videos

— Radiohead’s OKNOTOK cassette, released as part of the band’s 2017 reissue of OK Computer, is available to stream digitally

— Radiohead’s debut EP, 1992’s Drill, 2005 track “I Want None of This”, and the 2011 remix EP TKOL RMX 8 are all streaming digitally for the first time

Additionally, beginning January 20th, each member of Radiohead will spend a day as the site’s librarian, curating archival material across the band’s social media channels.