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Rick and Morty Donuts Are Coming to Krispy Kreme

on February 20, 2020, 9:24am

Rick and Morty fans caused chaos when McDonalds started carrying the show’s beloved Szechuan sauce. Now there’s a new fast-food chain that’s welcoming hungry fans of the series. Starting today, Krispy Kreme will sell Rick and Morty donuts and a special themed milkshake to go with them.

In total, there’s three different donuts inspired by the Adult Swim show: Pickle Rick, a lemon-filled donut topped with a white chocolate pickle; Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie, a strawberry truffle donut filled with vanilla creme and topped with a crushed wafer; and Strawberry Smiggles, a strawberry-filled glazed donut dipped in white chocolate truffle and topped with mini marshmallows, crushed meringue, and big sprinkles.

There’s also Fleeb Juice, a milkshake made by combining Krispy Kreme’s raspberry and “blue heaven” flavors. It sounds equal parts tart and sweet which can be a hit or miss combination for some people, but that certainly won’t stop fans from buying it.

The beloved confectionary chain created these to celebrate season 4 of Rick and Morty. It seems like Krispy Kreme wanted to torment fans in addition to treating them, though, because these are only available in Australia. At least for now. So expect more Rick and Morty-themed foods to sell online for $15,000 pretty soon.

Below, get a sneak peek at what each Rick and Morty-themed donut will look like even though you (probably) can’t get them.

Krispy Kreme Rick and Morty donuts Pickle Rick

Krispy Kreme Rick and Morty donuts Simple Rick's Wafer Cookie

Krispy Kreme Rick and Morty donuts Strawberry Smiggles

Krispy Kreme Rick and Morty donuts Fleeb Shake