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Justin Bieber is a Horrible Cat Owner

on March 06, 2020, 4:17pm

Last fall, Justin Bieber came under criticism from animal activists after purchasing two exotic kittens from a breeder for $35,000. Now it’s been revealed that one of those cats — Sushi – went missing  for over a month.

As Bieber explained on Instagram, about a month ago Sushi “decided to run away.” (Fact check: cats just don’t decide to run away, especially if they’re properly supervised.)

As the weeks went by, Bieber said he and his wife, Hailey, “began to lose hope” until yesterday when someone found Sushi “miles and miles away.”

“He looks extremely skinny and has a sad miow [sic],” Bieber wrote, but “he is home now safe and sound! Thank you god for protecting him!”

While it’s certainly great news that Sushi is safe, the fact that he went missing so soon after he was purchased doesn’t inspire much confidence in Bieber’s abilities as a cat dad.

With Bieber about to head out on tour in support of his new album, here’s hoping he finds a responsible cat sitter who remembers to close the back door.