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U2’s Bono Sings for Italy With New Song “Let Your Love Be Known”: Watch

on March 17, 2020, 9:39pm

U2’s Bono has shared a new song called “Let Your Love Be Known”, dedicated to “the doctors, nurses, [and] carers on the front line,” and was inspired by the crisis in Italy. Italy’s healthcare system is overwhelmed by COVID-19, and in many hospitals, every time an ICU bed becomes available, doctors are forced to decide which sick patients to treat and which to let die.

In an Instagram video, Bono introduced the song as a “little tune I made up about an hour ago. I think it’s called “Let Your Love Be Known”.” The lyrics deal with quarantine, with people who “live so very far away from me/ Just across the square”, and references neighbors who can’t touch, so they sing — as demonstrated in a recent viral video. Check out “Let Your Love Be Known” below.

Italians have expressed their musical resilience in a number of ways, some more metal than others. A few days ago, a guitarist on lockdown played Slayer’s “Raining Blood” from his balcony.

As for Bono, he was last seen with The Edge on Christmas Eve busking for the homeless. In November, U2 shared their latest song “Ahimsa”