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Rogue Wave Return From Two-Year Hiatus with New Song “Aesop Rock”: Stream

on April 09, 2020, 3:48pm

At the start of this year, Aesop Rock marked his return with a track called “Rogue Wave”. Now, indie rock band Rogue Wave have returned from their two-year hiatus to release a new song called “Aesop Rock”, a tongue-in-cheek charity single poking fun at the rapper-producer’s taste in titles.

“Aesop Rock” is the first bit of new music Rogue Wave has shared in nearly four years. Back in 2017, they dropped a handful of ’80s cover songs. Before that, their last original records were 2016’s Delusions of Grand Fur and 2013’s Nightingale Floors.

Just like Aesop Rock did with his song, Rogue Wave are using their new single to donate money to charity. They’re asking fans who enjoy the track to contribute to the Tipping Point Community, an Oakland, California non-profit that raises money for Bay Area families in need. Right now, Tipping Point is working towards a goal of raising $30 million to help support its neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic.

Rogue Wave explained their intentions more in-depth in an Instagram post today. “Earlier this year, @aesoprockwins put out a release titled ‘Rogue Wave’ and donated the proceeds to help a friend in need. We wanted to do the same,” it reads. “Our track ‘Aesop Rock’ is out now and we would love for you to consider donating to @tippingpoint to help our Bay Area friends and neighbors in need.”

As it turns out, “Aesop Rock” is a great song all gimmicks aside. Guided by a stadium rock band-level guitar riff, chugging drums, and some wavering keys in the distance, “Aesop Rock” feels more like a big motivational track than it does some wispy charity track, nevermind one made to poke fun at a happenstance event. It’s nice to hear Rogue Wave back in full form like this. Go ahead and stream it below.

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