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Perfume Genius Brings “On the Floor” and “Jason” to Fallon: Watch

on July 22, 2020, 10:35am

On Tuesday, Perfume Genius performed “On the Floor” and “Jason” on Fallon. Both tracks are from Set My Heart on Fire Immediately, one of the best albums of the year so far.

The artist born Michael Hadreas looked as if he’d stepped out of a Ralph Lauren catalogue, dressed in a beige polo shirt and brown plaid pants that rested above the hip. His rendition of “On the Floor” crackled with energy. Perfume Genius gyrated, shimmied, and spun about, giving physical expression to the aching passion of the lyrics.

In contrast, he approached the more intimate atmosphere of “Jason” by reclining in a blue armchair, legs insouciantly crossed. The soaring falsetto voice required of “Jason” is difficult to achieve while moving around, and so a certain amount of stillness can’t be avoided. But Hadreas understands that energy can come from a raised eyebrow, a tilting of the head, or the simple act of uncrossing the legs and leaning forward. Altogether the set showcased a pleasing range of approaches, from restrained and purposeful to non-stop dancing. Check out both songs below.

Last month, Perfume Genius covered Mazzy Star’s “Fade into You”.