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Before There Was Scream, There Was Jason Lives

on August 13, 2020, 12:05am

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He thought it was over. He thought he killed Jason Voorhees. He was right. Unfortunately for Tommy Jarvis, his worst childhood fears will soon manifest into an unbelievable reality as Mother Nature has a date with the notorious masked killer.

Jason Lives, indeed, and ready for the fight are Halloweenies co-hosts Justin Gerber, Mike Vanderbilt, Dan Caffrey, and Michael Roffman. Together, they discuss director Tom McLoughlin’s brazen direction, the film’s meta sense of humor, and why Thom Mathews and Jennifer Cooke make the greatest horror couple of all time.

So, throw on a jean jacket, grab your new, mail-order laser scope, and listen above. If you missed any past episodes of Halloweeniessubscribe to the archive now!

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