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Bree Runway Shares New Song “Little Nokia”: Stream

on September 23, 2020, 5:26pm

Emerging songwriter Bree Runway has shared the thumping new song “Little Nokia”.

Born Brenda Mensah in Hackney, London, Bree first gained international attention for the 2019 EP Be Runway, and she blew up earlier this year when the music video for “Apeshit” went viral. She specializes in what she calls “destructive pop,” and she’s happy to plunder sounds from other genres to make her point. “Little Nokia” is a great example of her wandering ear — it’s built around heavy-metal guitars, placed within a hip-hop structure, and finished with a sugary pop topline.

Lyrically, the song is about a gorgeous guy who spends all his free time doing drugs, which she references by the names of celebrities who use them. In a statement, she explained that the song is based on a true story. She said,

“I’m all about mixing and blending genres, melodies, topics from different realms. To be speaking on hood affairs, with a pop melody on a rock-infused beat is the most Bree Runway thing ever. I remember storming into the studio being pretty much done with the dude I’m singing about and needed something AGGRESSIVE to lay my words on and it honestly came together like magic. He’s too busy dealing with kylie, madonna and justin (drug refs) and not enough time to attend to me and I hated it, I had to channel the energy in a huge explosive way and I could not imagine a better way to do it!”

“Little Nokia” comes with a visual feast of a music video directed by Ali Kurr. Bree’s outfits recall Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliot, and other pioneers of millennial afro-futurism. She dances as well as any Spice Girl, rides on a Nokia the size of a rodeo bull, and finally stabs her boy toy through the heart with his phone. Check out “Little Nokia” below. In July, she shared the new single “Gucci” with Maliibu Miitch.