Petition Launched to Replace Confederate Statue with One of Chadwick Boseman

on September 01, 2020, 11:14am

What better to replace a Confederate monument than with a statue celebrating the King of Wakanda. In light of Chadwick Boseman’s tragic passing this past weekend, a petition has been launched seeking a permanent memorial for the actor in his hometown of Anderson, South Carolina. The organizers of the petition would like to see Boseman’s statue replace one honoring Confederate soldiers in front of the town’s courthouse.

“Mr. Boseman spent his life uplifting the stories of Black Americans both real and fictional,” the petition reads. “Throughout his career, he has brought to life such historical figures as James Brown, Jackie Robinson, and Thurgood Marshall. However, most notably he was known for playing T’Challa the King of Wakanda also know as the Black Panther. This film, along with his entire body of work, has uplifted and inspired many Black Americans especially during the turbulent times our nation is going through.”

The petition goes on to call for the repeal of Section 10-1-165, the South Carolina law that makes it illegal to remove or alter monuments dedicated to Confederate war efforts in the state. Upon its appeal, citizens would then have a say over which taxpayer-funded statues should stand and which ones should be removed.

“We must move past the tragedies of our past in this nation and celebrate new heroes,” the petition adds. “Mr. Boseman is a hero to this nation but more importantly a hero to the town of Anderson. His legacy was one of excellence and equality. As fellow citizens go about their day they should have a face that sees all people as equal.”

As of publication, over 26,000 people have signed the petition. You can sign your name here.

Meanwhile, residents of Tennessee and Minnesota recently launched their own respective petitions with the hopes of replacing Confederate and KKK-era statues with ones honoring Dolly Parton and Prince.