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The Entire Town of South Park Sat in the Stands for Today’s Denver Broncos Game

on September 27, 2020, 8:55pm

Under normal circumstances, cartoon characters do not attend live sporting events. But the novel coronavirus has robbed us of normal circumstances, and so it makes sense that the denizens of South Park should appear as cutouts in the stands of a Denver Broncos football game.

Via Sports Illustratedthe September 27th tussle between Denver and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers also featured more than 5,000 flesh-and-blood fans. They watched their hometown heroes get shellacked by Tom Brady’s Bucs, 28-10. Surely their attention occasionally wandered from the gruesome on-field product to the colorful occupants of the south stands.

According to Broncos’ reporter Benjamin Albright, every resident of South Park was represented. As pictures demonstrate, the illustrated fans also had impeccable mask discipline, though their social-distancing left much to be desired. The Broncos organization also released a simple TikTok starring Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman cutouts, set to Adele’s “Someone Like You”. It’s a fun way to troll their season ticket holders; check out that and other images below.

This won’t be the last time that the town of South Park wrestles with the reality of the novel coronavirus. This Wednesday, September 30th, the long-running show will air a one hour pandemic special. And there will be lots more topical television to come; Comedy Central recently renewed South Park through 2022. Last April, Trey Parker and Matt Stone picked their best and worst episodes.