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Zayn Unveils New Single “Better”: Stream

on September 25, 2020, 11:21am

Zayn has returned with his first solo single in two years, “Better”.

This is the first preview of his forthcoming third album, the follow-up to 2018’s Icarus Falls“Better” is a velvety R&B love jam about the sexiest thing there is: open communication. Zayn asks his lover to express her negative emotions now, rather than waiting for the problem to get worse. “Why? Why wait to fight?” he croons, later wondering, “Can we save tears in your eyes?”

The music video was directed by Ryan Hope and the concept seems simple enough: Zayn starts out shirtless, and then he gets dressed in slow motion. But there are also brief cutaways to people watching him through binoculars or listening to tape recordings, which suggest that the pop star might be under surveillance. Paparazzi? Foreign governments? It’s never made clear, but on the other hand, Zayn sure is shirtless for a long time! Check out the video below.

Few details are known about his upcoming third studio album, though a statement promises it will be “his most personal project to date.”

On Wednesday, September 25th, he and Gigi Hadid welcomed a baby girl.