Late Night Performances

BTS Perform “Life Goes On” in Bathrobes on Good Morning America: Watch

on November 23, 2020, 10:38am

After dazzling on the American Music Awards on Sunday night, BTS kick started the week with an appearance on Good Morning America. The K-pop superstars performed their latest hit single, “Life Goes On”, in addition to discussing what it’s like being separated from their Army during the pandemic.

For the pre-recorded performance, the septet essentially recreated the vibes of the “Life Goes On” music video. Garbed in bathrobes that matched their microphones, BTS wandered around an elaborate house set, dejected over feelings of loneliness. By the end, they found comfort in each other’s company, meeting around the kitchen table to share a meal and laugh as they sang, “On my pillow, on my table/ Yeah, life goes on like this again.”

Army soldiers may have noticed something missing from the interview portion, however: Suga. The rapper has been recovering from a shoulder surgery he had earlier in the month, so while he was able to appear in the performance piece, he sat out the Q&A. His bandmates went on without him, addressing questions about quarantining together during the pandemic and what it’s like being away from their fans for so long.

Watch replays of both segments below.

“Life Goes On” comes from the group’s latest LP, BE. It’s their third full-length of the year, following Map of the Soul: 7 in February and its Japanese-language companion effort Map of the Soul: 7 – The Journey from July.