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Jon Hamm Stars in the Hilarious New Eels Video for “Are We Alright Again”: Watch

on November 11, 2020, 10:15am

Upon announcing new album Earth to Dora back in September, Eels leader Mark Oliver Everett said he hoped the music would be a “soothing” listen for those struggling to get through this hellish year. It seems to have certainly done the trick for (real-life) longtime listener Jon Hamm, who stars in the group’s just-released video for “Are We Alright Again”.

In the one-take clip directed by Greg Barnes, the Mad Men actor plays a diehard fan so engrossed in an Eels listening session that he doesn’t even realize burglars have broken into his home. Having poured himself a stiff drink, the 49-year-old Hamm can be seen lounging on his couch with headphones on, completely oblivious to the crime happening right behind him. Ignorance sure is bliss, eh?

“We could all use a little comfort from the past year. Perhaps this song can provide a little for you like it does for the guy in this video,” Everett said of the visual, which was shot on 35mm film and also stars Mike Mitchell, Eric Edelstein, Caroline Bloom, and Jude B. Lanston.

Watch it down below, and then hear Everett talk further about Hamm’s fandom during a Kyle Meredith With… interview from 2018. Earth to Dora is out now via E Works/[PIAS].

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